no one is free until all of us are free

no one is free until all of us are free

no one is free until all of us are free

no more silence fundraiser

a donation-based creative project

 A donation based project selling tote bags and bucket hats created during quarentine. This project consisted of the creation of two main designs, collaboration with local etsy vendors, social media marketing and selling, design of an informational print, and delivering the products. 


This process started with creating a moodboard, color palette, project fonts, etc. I wanted a really clear idea of what I wanted to create and who the target audience was for this fundraiser to help make the reach go as far as possible. Below you can see some of my first mock ups. I played with the idea of making socks, created a bucket hat mock up for advertising initial preorders, and had an informational post that showed where each person could choose their proceeds to be donated. There is also the print that was sent with each order with the intent to increase awareness and further the impact of the project.


better barProject type

it's just a necklaceProject type

we are strongart print

we're having a paradeProject type

fruity shoescreative project

uniquely cyclicalbrand design

spring is hereCreative Shoot

feel itart print

no more silence fundraisercreative project

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