why be moody when you can just be groovy

why be moody when you can just be groovy

why be moody when you can just be groovy

The Uniquely Cyclical Studio

Brand Design for Social Media

When Lilia Gestson came to me for a social media redesign with a 70's feel, I knew that I couldn't refuse. We created fun branding that evicted exactly what she wanted her brand to make people feel. For the rebranding, we created a custom color palette, font, and brand design. Then, we worked together to make graphics for her new pateron launch that felt authentic to her brand. Following that, we moved onto instagram. We equipped her with new highlight icons, profile icons, grid design, IGTV / Reel covers, and numerous story backgrounds for consistent branding. The best part is, we both had so much fun creating this and left feeling over the moon!


better barProject type

it's just a necklaceProject type

we are strongart print

we're having a paradeProject type

fruity shoescreative project

uniquely cyclicalbrand design

spring is hereCreative Shoot

feel itart print

no more silence fundraisercreative project

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